If you are interested in Fall classes please call Melanie at 810-241-9558!  Some classes are at full capacity at this time! 

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08/23/2023 - Fall Registration August 23rd 4:30-6:00!

04/17/2013 - What our customers are saying about SSGA!

My daughter Taylor joined SSGA two years ago and couldn't do a back walk over. Now she is doing multiple back hand springs, tucks and is close to her lay out. It's amazing how far she has come thanks to your staff!! SSGA is an amazing program for young cheerleaders!!!

Jennifer Schmitzer- Woycehoski

I cant believe that 4 years have already gone by since we first walked into SSGA to register Alayna for your 3 year old preschool program. She was so shy and scared at first. But you and your staff were so sweet and welcoming that she quickly became comfortable and excited to go to dance every week. She learned the routine so quickly and was super excited when she received her very first costume. However when recital came the nerves got the best of her and she just stood very still on that stage in pure fright. After that we weren't sure if performing was for her and if we should continue. But you encouraged us to give it another try and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Thank you for providing a welcoming, safe, positive and fun atmosphere for children to learn in. You offer a great variety of dance styles and gymnastic classes with experienced and passionate teachers/coaches that not only focus on technique, but also focus on the individual child's skill level and which areas that child needs to improve on.

Alayna is now 7 and absolutely loves going to dance and gymnastics every week! SSGA has built her confidence tremendously and now she remembers multiple routines every year. She has learned all of her basic tumbling skills, plus backbends, backbend kick-overs, back walk-overs, standing and running back-handsprings, multiple back-handsprings and is really close to her standing tuck. Most importantly she looks forward to recital and performing on the stage.

We now have both of our daughters enrolled in the dance and gymnastic programs and couldn't be happier. They've both learned so much in such a little amount of time. Cant wait to see their growth over the years to come. Thank you so much for all that you do each and every day and keep up the amazing work!


Jessia Alexander

A family run business that cares about YOUR family.

Lisa Seres

What do you want for your athlete? Six years ago my wife and I found ourselves looking for a gym where our daughter could advance her skills and be surrounded by a positive coaching staff. SSGA was at many of the same competitions our daughter was competiting in and after watching their athletes compete and the family atmosphere of the gym, we decided it was time to look into their program. During our visit to SSGA we were impressed by the facility, Nate, Melanie and the coaches. Although the commitment to drive from Oxford to Davison a few times a week was big, we were confident that the talent level of the teams and coaches were going to work with our daughter to develop and execute more difficult skills and help prepare her to compete at a higher level.

Our personal experience is that SSGA is committed to being a positive influence on young people's lives. Nate and Melanie take their role in their student's personal development seriously. Nate and Melanie are not just the owners of the gym but became the biggest cheerleaders for our daughter Malena. Out of Malena's 10 years of cheerleading experience our family can agree that SSGA has played the biggest role in achieving her skills and her love for cheer. We truly miss the All-Star family at SSGA.

Thank you Nate and Melanie and the coaching staff for always believing in your atheletes and pushing them to strive for the best!

Dan & Annette D'Alessandro

Thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragement!! Every résumé I fill out, I ALWAYS mention the years I spent at SSGA. Coaching at this gym has easily been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I wouldn't trade that time for anything. The person I am today can be related directly to working/attending SSGA in that: I absolutely LOVE to learn, teach and grow in all aspects of my career. I thank Melanie Eashoo & Nate D Eashoo For every opportunity they've given me- I am very grateful, as SSGA has impacted my life in nothing but a positive light. Again, I thank everyone for the love & support! I miss you ALL so so so much and look forward to visiting very soon!

Tessa Shuart

Thank you, Nate & Melanie!!! Abby has grown SO much from her experiences at SSGA! As an Autistic child, people are constantly amazed that she is able to do the performing & competing that she has as a Panther! Thank you for making that possible for her! You've given her more than you can imagine! We love you!!

Beckie Jacobs

Becky and Melanie are both such amazing role models for all of us! Their passion for what they do shows through in all aspects of the job. My girls have been at SSGA since it opened and we have been thrilled with all they have learned and the way SSGA has helped shape their personalities and boost their self esteem! This also includes Nate, Amanda, Jessica, Riley, Leanna, Melissa, Megan, Ashley and anyone else I may have missed! Love you all!

Deanna O'Brien

SSGA instills so many good things in our children - self esteem, self confidence, discipline, but most of all love. Melanie & Nate both make it a point to make the kids & even us parents feel special & a part of their gym. Sometimes the time & running get to be a lot & you may feel like you just don't want to do it anymore but then recital comes along & you remember why you keep on running. Here's my list of why- Nate D Eashoo, Melanie Eashoo, Melissa Mell Vannest, the lifetime friends made, the amazing moms, & the smile on my daughters face when she dances. I'm so glad we're a part of this gym.

Janelle Schumacher

Last night was an amazing night! My sweet Maddy has had the pleasure of dancing with SSGA for 3 years!
Last night was her third dance recital! I'm so proud of the way she handled herself; i'm so glad she has had the opportunity to dance with some amazing young ladies. It has taught her patience, self-discipline, kindness, and professionalism! A special thanks to Melanie Eashoo, Ms. Becky, Krys Jostock,Heidi Shriner Alcodray and Dawson Quaderer and all the other fabulous people who work with her ! Thank you!!!!

Dawn Glasstetter

What an amazing night to an outstanding recital weekend! Staff, performers, and parents were all spectacular! Every year is better than the last! Some of you may know about Jadalyn's incident this afternoon, however most of you might not know what happened next. First, we had numerous staff and parents approach us to ask if she was okay. But it didn't stop there. what really impressed me was the children. We had numerous children of all ages approach her to check on her with so much concern. Some knew her and some didn't. They not only asked if she was okay, but they all shared stories of their own mishaps on the stage to cheer her up. It was so awesome to see everyone come together when it mattered most! We may all have our different classes, or close group of friends, but we are all a family and it shows! So happy to be apart of such a wonderful program! Can't wait for next year!

Jessia Alexander

Wanted to take a minute to thank Melanie Eashoo and all the staff at SSGA that has helped Gracie on her path to achieving her dreams. Though we are moving on you all will have a special place in our hearts forever. Thank you for you knowledge, kindness and laughter. As she continues cheer and dance Gracie will take to Alpena all you have taught her and make you proud. Dan Clifford thanks for being her first all star coach and helping instill the discipline needed to succeed and how to tumble. Remember working that back walkover with her for like a year? Lol. Kenzie Kurtz thanks for showing Gracie how fun cheer is and also how to balance cheer and dance and tumble and fly. You really had a hand in everything she knows. Leanna Case thanks for literally helping Gracie to "fly." You've taught her so much this year and allowed her to shine. Rebecca Petrella--Becca aka Gaga and Katycat thanks for showing Gracie how to move. She hopes to one day choreograph like you. Amanda Struck Curtis thanks for helping Gracie on pointe and how to do "little white girl" hip hop. Lol. She loved you as an instructor. Gramma Gail McKeon Kivett thanks for teaching her ballet and her favorite dance tap. It was a privilege that she had the opportunity to study under you. Rylee Rubio and K.D. You also have played a part in her achievements. Thank you. Lastly, Melanie Eashoo--words can't express how I feel about you and your program at SSGA. Everyday you help little girls dreams come true. I know sometimes it isn't easy with everything that goes along with being a business owner, but you manage to smile through and continue to accomplish your goal. To provide Davison and surrounding areas with a cheer and dance experience that is second to none. You are the premiere place for competitive cheer in our area. You have put together a team of dedicated, trustworthy and talented coaches and instructors. We wish you all the best and much success going forward. Thank you for taking Gracie into the SSGA family and helping mold her into the cheerleader and dancer she is. We will miss you greatly and look forward to crossing paths at future competitions both cheer and dance. Love you!!!!!

Tina Papin

I would like to say a huge thank you and big hugs to Dawson Quaderer and Rebecca Petrella for the amazing work they did on MiKayla's solo. Dawsons choreography was awesome and Becca's dance added that special sass that we all know MiKayla posseses..... Dawson, a special thanks for putting up with her sassy attitude! you are both very special to both of us also to Tylor Schumacher and Kaitlyn Sather for keeping her sane Friday night before the big day and Lauren O'Brien for helping the girls keep her calm in the practice area and coach Leanna Case for reminding her that she could handle it and K.D. Garrison for calming her down and keeping her grounded and of coarse Melanie Eashoo for making it ALL possible....I wouldn't trade our SSGA family for anything!! Love and hugs to all of you

Kristi Irwin


08/15/2018 - Congratulations to all the SSGA Alumni!

SSGA is proud to have many alumni athletes representing us on collegiate and professional cheer teams!!!!!

 Dawson Quaderer- MSU Cheer-Current

Taylor Schumacher-MSU Cheer Co-ed-Current

Mikayla Irwin- Davenport University-Current

Hollie Rager-SVSU-Current

Alyssa Richards-Davenport University-Current

 Taylor Schumacher-MSU-Current

Kalee Vannest-MSU Cheer

Courtney Vickerman-CMU Cheer

Sam Hein-CMU Cheer

Tessa Shuart-CMU Cheer

Aleena Baxter- U of M Cheer & EMU Cheer - NBA Detroit Pistons Cheerleader

Rylee Rubio-EMU and Columbus State University - NBA Detroit Pistons Cheerleader

Jenna Marden-WMU

Sarah Tiffany- U of M Cheer

Kim Keller-SVSU Dance Team

Kayla Hodges-EMU Dance Team

Daniela Schroeck-MSU Cheer

Brooke Encisco-MSU Cheer

Tiara Trombley-CMU Cheer

Megan Poniers-SVSU Cheer

Kelsey Conner- CMU Cheer

KD Garrison-CMU Cheer

Baylee Suddon-CMU Cheer