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Melanie G. Eashoo - Owner/Director

USASF Certified Levels 1-5 tumbling - USASF Certified Levels 1-5 Stunting - AACCA Safety Certified - CPR Certified

Melanie along with her four sisters and one brother literally grew up in their Mother's dance studio. Melanie shares her passion for the arts with her mother, Gail Kivett. Through Gail's teaching and nurturing, Melanie excelled in all forms of dance. Melanie was trained from age three in Tap, Jazz and Ballet. As she grew she also excelled in Hip-Hop, Gymnastics, Pom-Pon and Cheer.

Melanie attended Swartz Creek High school and graduated in 1991. During her years at Swartz Creek High she earned her place on their award winning Pom and Cheer teams. During this time she also began teaching at her mother's studio (Smooth Steps Dance Academy) in Swartz Creek. Melanie excelled at teaching Jazz, Pom and Gymnastics. She earned her first National Award for top Choreographer in 1998.

Melanie attended WMU as a college freshman, but she missed teaching dance and being near her family. She decided to continue her education closer to home where she attend MCC. Melanie earned two degrees from MCC and became a RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist). She continued to teach dance at Smooth Steps Dance Academy while practicing Dental Hygiene.

Melanie Married Nate D. Eashoo in 1998 and they have two great children, Nick and Natalie. Nick and Natalie spend a lot of time at SSGA. Nick is a great gymnast and Natalie is becoming a wonderful dancer and gymnast as well.

In 2001 SSGA went from a dream to a full time career and business built on Melanie's passion. She has been very fortunate to build a teaching staff of like minded teachers and coaches. Melanie is a competitor at heart, and she gets to exercise that desire with her Panther Cheer and Pom teams. Melanie puts a lot of effort and focus in the SSGA Panther Cheer and Pom teams. Melanie finds the most joy in the faces of her students. She enjoys nothing more than watching them have fun, work hard and accomplish their personal goals.




Nate Eashoo - Owner/General Manager

Nate brings his years of business experience to manage the day to day operation of SSGA. Nate attended MCC and the University of Michigan/Flint after graduating from Davison High School in 1981. His strong ties to this community  made Davison the obvious choice to set up shop.

Davison residence enjoy living in a community that demand academic and athletic excellence. Nate is very proud that SSGA is so highly regarded in this outstanding community. Nate continues to find ways to improve the product and services offered by SSGA. Nothing is taken for granted. He understands that maintaining and growing a business requires being in touch with your cliental and exceeding their expectations. He is committed to continually improving on the staff, facility and services offered.




Melissa-Costumes Galore

USASF Certified Level 1-5 Tosses - USASF Certified Level 1-5 Stunting

Melissa does so much for SSGA it is impossible to list.  She runs Costumes Galore ordering and selecting SSGA recital costumes each year. She has coached Panther Cheer teams, assists with registration and class scheduling just to name of few . Melissa has been with SSGA right from our humble beginning when she enrolled her daughter, Kalee in dance classes. She has become one of the most important people to ever walk through the doors of SSGA and her value can not be measured. With a warm heart and sincere smile she always does her best to get the task at hand done. SSGA would not be what it is today without her.  


Gail Kivett - Tap/Ballet/Dance Instuctor & Mentor

Gail began dance at age of three. She was taught and trained by Lena Pelio of Flint Michigan. Gail excelled as a student particularly in Tap, her favorite form of dance. By age twelve Gail (McKeon) Kivett started her own dance studio located in her parents basement. Over the years her dance program became more and more popular becoming one of Genesee Counties largest and most highly regarded dance studios. Gail raised her six children in her studio and passed her love and passion of dance to each of them. Gail founded Smooth Steps Dance Studio in Swartz Creek and owned and operated it for well over fourty years before turning over the business to her daugher Alison Williston-Kivett. Alison continues to run Smooth Steps Dance Studio with the same love of dance she inherited from her mother. Gail fully supported Melanie's decision in 2001 to start SSGA in Davison. Melanie and Nate both know without Gail's support and direction SSGA would not exist today. Gail continues to teach and influence both SSGA and Smooth Steps Dance Studio. She is one of the most highly respected Dance Instructors in the area and our students are better dancers and people because of Gail's influence.   


Leanna Case - Allstar Cheer Coach

Please join us in welcoming Leanna Conroy Case back to SSGA! We could not be more excited to bring you this news. Leanna's resume and list of achievements in the sport of cheer is extensive and second to none. We hold Leanna in the highest regard as a coach, a leader, a person and mentor. Get ready for excellence Panther Cheer athletes! Coach Leanna will be a major influence on our entire Panther Cheer program.


Coached at Swartz Creek HS from 1988-2007. MCCA State finalists 94,95,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,05,06. MCCA Regional champions 03,04,05,06. MCCA State finals top 10 finishes 94,98,99,01,02,03,05,06. MCCA State finals top 5 finish (4th) 2002. UCA national’s finals 12th place large varsity 2002. UCA Nationals 5th place, Super varsity 2003 (made the ESPN broadcast).


Kayla Hodges - Dance Instructor/Cheer Coach/Certified Zumba Instructor

I started doing gymnastics and cheerleading at the age of five through Grand Blanc Parks and Rec. At age 11, I started classes at SSGA and continued through middle and high school at Grand Blanc. Along with SSGA I cheered for my school and became captain of the Varsity Pom team. Now at age 18 I’m so proud to be an instructor here. Over my summer after graduation I became a certified Zumba instructor. Along with instructing dance and Zumba classes at SSGA, I coach cheerleading for Grand Blanc Parks and Rec and attend Mott Community College. I plan to further my education and earn my degree in Elementary Education. I am proud to be a staff member at SSGA and share my passion for dance and cheer. My main goal as an instructor is to push the students to their full ability and put a smile on their faces.

I would like to thank Melanie and Nate for believing in me as a dancer, cheerleader, and now an instructor. They have given me the opportunity of a lifetime. Also big thanks to my family for supporting their crazy Kayla from day one.



Amanda Curtis-Hip-Hop Pom Instructor

Hip-Hop, Pom and Encore teacher!


Dawson Quaderer


KD Garrison


Kristal Whitehead


Niki Kivett Gilbert - Cheer, Dance & Gymnastics Coach

We are very proud and excited to announce that Niki Kivett Gilbert will be joining the SSGA staff. Niki has an extensive dance, cheer and gymnastic background.

Niki is Melanie's sister and she too grew up in a dance and gymnastics family. Her training began at the age of three under the direction of Gail Kivett. She has been involved in dance and gymnastics for over 30 years. Niki was a cheerleader in middle school and high school. After high school she worked for Cheer Michigan as coaching staff for two years. She was a successful coach during her college years, but gave up coaching when she began her teaching career at Holy Family School where she is currently teaching 3rd grade. Her accomplishments include several Regional and National awards for her competitive routines. Her teams have earned a full paid bid to US Finals. Niki specializes in gymnastics and poms, with experience in all genres of dance. Niki earned her Bachelors and her Masters Degree from The University of Michigan.

Niki will be a big asset working with our SSGA Dance and Cheer students. Niki is also available for private lessons. Welcome to SSGA, Niki!


Rebecca "Sunshine" Poniers - Dance Instructor/Cheer Coach

I have been a dance teacher and cheer coach at SSGA since 2004. It has been the most rewarding years of my life. I teach 3,4,and 5yrs old in Tap, Ballet and Jazz. I have coached national ranked tiny, mini and youth cheer teams. It has been great to watch those children grow and become well rounded dancers and cheerleaders. My personal motto is "If we don't have fun at the end of the day, I didn't do my job!"

My husband Keith is very supportive at all cheer competitions and dance recitals. We have a wonderful daughter Megan who has cheered and danced with SSGA and now shares my passion for coaching and teaching. It has been great to work side by side with her over the past years and see her interact with the students on a teaching level. It makes me proud that she shares my passion for children and coaching.



Kalee Vannest - Dance Teacher/Cheer Coach/Tumbling Instructor

USASF Certfied Stunting/Tumbling Level 1-5

Kalee began training with SSGA at the age of ten and quickly set the standard for SSGA athletes and dancers. Her hard work and dedication to excellence are second to none. Kalee is one of those leaders that have earned the respect of anyone that has had the good fortune to know her. Simply put, she is one in a million. SSGA and our families agree she has evolved into an exceptional coach and dance teacher as well. She applies the same work ethic to teaching that she applied to her own training. Her Perpetually positive attitude is contagious and her students feed off of her energy. As a Freshman at Michigan State University she earned a top spot on MSU’s Green Cheer Team and maintains a high GPA. Kalee pushes herself to the highest level in academics as well as athletics. Kalee has become a mentor and role model for so many SSGA students.


Staff - 1 to 13 of 13